New You In 2022

14-Day Health Challenge
Fourteen Days To Retaking Control Of Your Appetite
Instead Of Letting It Control You!
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Hosted by Alicia Jones
January 10-24 2022
Say NO To:
  • Failed New Year's resolutions
  • Ineffective fad diets
  • Dissatisfaction with your weight every year
  • ​Food Addiction
Say YES To:
  • Insightful daily live coaching
  • Video training on meal prep and how to stay on plan while eating out or on the go
  • ​Personal challenges to build your new lifestyle
  • A vibrant accountability community to sharpen like iron
  • FREEDOM from food addiction

Stop Dieting and Start Living!

Your Journey To The REAL You Starts In:

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    Ladies, Do Any Of These Struggles Sound Familiar?

    I’ve tried 101 different weight-loss programs, especially at the beginning of the year, and some started off great but I stopped seeing results - they just don't work for me.
    I'm far too busy to make a lifestyle change. 
    I’m know I’m overweight, but at this point there is nothing I can do about it. This is just who I am.
    I’ve tried to get my friends and family to hold me accountable, but when the support stops, so do I. A good, consistent partner is hard to find.
    I love the food that I love and I don’t think I have the willpower to get my eating under control.

    My name is Alicia Jones, and I can relate to every one of those statements!

    Overweight for much of my life, the hardest time of year for me was after the holidays going into a new year. 

    I dreaded the inevitable questions well-meaning friends and family would ask about my weight, so each year, I tried to preempt them by starting one new fad diet or program after another. 

    Every year I'd tell myself, "This will be the year I finally get my weight under control.

    The few times I did start to see results, they stopped almost as soon as they started, and I felt like a complete failure.

    As much as I played the part in public as a wife, mother, pastor, and speaker who had to pour into everyone, privately I was empty, frustrated, and self-loathing. 

    I wanted to learn how to just be fat and happy, 
    but I could only get the "fat" part right...

    "Lord, what am I doing wrong?" I prayed. "Will I ever experience a breakthrough?"  

    Then, at my lowest point, I was on the verge of giving up. 

    I refused to make any more New Year's Resolutions, count another calorie, plan another meal, or start yet another new diet. 

    I was DONE!

    I started making plans and saving money for a surgical solution to my health issues. 
    But before I could follow through on talking to a surgeon, a still small voice told me to keep searching.

    Searching for what? Another weight-loss program? Another box of pills? The latest weight-loss equipment that helped that lady from the infomercials allegedly lose 250 pounds?

    No, I had to start searching somewhere new. Somewhere scary. Somewhere I had been avoiding for years.

    It was time to search deep inside me.

    It took some time, research, and tough self-examination to discover what was holding me back from a healthier lifestyle.

    And praise God, I eventually got a clear and simple answer, though one that was hard to accept:


    Boom! THAT was the "aha" moment that had eluded me for so long! 

    I had a genuine desire to lose the weight, to be confident in a swimsuit, and feel healthy enough to handle my busy life...but my relationship with food ran completely contrary to that desire!

    This relationship was keeping me from being great!

    With this God-given insight, I eventually acknowledged that if I truly wanted to experience a lifestyle transformation, there was only one viable solution.

    I had to CRUSH my food addiction. 

    Once I became the master of what I eat and why I eat it, ...

    Once I decided to dictate the terms of my relationship with food, ...

    Once I decided that *I* had the power to overcome this obstacle, ...

    The cravings stopped, and change started to come!
    In only a few short years, I went from being a size 18 with no hope that things would change….

    ….To a vibrant woman in the prime of her life, stuntin' in front a mirror 85 pounds lighter, ready to take on the next challenge the world had to offer. 

    And since then, one challenge I have wholly embraced is helping countless women like YOU learn what it takes to crush your own food addiction so you can live a healthier, more confident, and inspiring life.   

    Get Ready For The

    New You In 2022

    14-Day Health Challenge!

    Join An Exclusive Coaching & Accountability Community of Sisters
    Inspiring Each Other To Conquer Their Food Addictions
    And Live Longer, Healthier, More Confident Lives!

    This is the real Alicia Jones!
    In the New You In 2022 14-Day Challenge, you'll take a journey over the course of 14 inspiration, information, and fun-filled days to discovering The REAL You:
    • The You who has been hiding behind shame for so long
    • ​The You who has been fighting to be released to the world for so long
    • ​The You who has been focused on being great for others and not being great to herself
    • ​The You who has been blossoming into their full potential behind closed doors 
    Here's What You Get When You Join The 'New You In 2022' 14-Day Health Challenge:
    • Daily live coaching sessions with Coach Alicia 
    • ​Grab & Go meal suggestions for the busy wife, mother, and/or career woman
    • ​Cheat sheets for eating out while staying on plan and enjoying your meal
    • ​A customized meal plan that fits your budget and your busy schedule
    • (My favorite) A supportive and vibrant community of women who want to succeed with you!
    Start Your Journey Today For Only $97 $27!
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    New You In 2022

    14-Day Health Challenge

    Join Today For Only $97 $27!
    Hurry! $27 Early Bird Pricing Ends 1/4/22 At 11:59 PM EST!
    00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


    New You In 2022 Starts January 10, 2022!

    But don't wait to sign up! To keep our community tight and offer the dedicated attention to each individual, I have to limit the number of spaces available for this challenge, and I only do ONE of these challenges for the year. 

    If you wait until the last minute, not only will you pay $97 instead of $27 (early bird discount ends 1/4), there may not even be available spots left, meaning your transformation to a healthier lifestyle will have to wait ANOTHER year...!

    Do you really want to do that to yourself?

    Do you want to keep getting excited about the possibility of real change, but fail to follow through?

    Can your health afford waiting until the next challenge?

    It’s not selfish to invest in your health, because doing so is also an investment into those who love you and need you to be physically and emotionally thriving. 

    And that's not just me speaking:

    The New You IS The REAL You,
    And The Time To Discover Yours Is NOW!

    Come Get Your Transformation Story Today For Only $97 $27!
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